Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tu Bishvat

Members of the Romanian Jewish community in Bucharest at the end of the Tu Bishvat ceremony.


Aaron said...

Well, did they plant a tree?

andrei said...

Nope. Just ate some dried fruit.

Bearers of the Light said...
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Fredman said...

Jews! Thems my peoples.

Knox Harrington "The Video Artist" said...

It has been requested by Hermes and Lucier that I be more inclusive of the fair sex. Amanda called me last night and demanded a retraction to my comment above. I give you:

(An ode to my female colleagues)

Davidson and Bourke-White,
Leibowitz and Tritt;
The images you’re making really are the shit!
Your humility inspires awe, and so does your compassion;
There’s no one in the newsroom, who has a fraction of your passion.
When the light is low and shitty,
And your frame has some noise;
You keep it in perspective; you never lose your poise.
That frat boy who attacked me, and hit me in the face?
You were half a step behind me, you got him with your Mace.
As adroit baking muffins as you are with a wrench,
I saw you fix the light table,
With some duct-tape and a (PC) cable.
Back in photo school, you gave me shit in class;
You made it up the next day by loaning me your glass.
When the politicians drone, and the room is full of spin;
You tell me dirty jokes about a “grip and grin.”
In this male-centric world, you’re deserving of more fame;
But, fair photog, there’s no one I’d sooner spend a day with,
On the sidelines of the game.
The comment from the copy desk? The one about your “pooter?”
I know it was harassment,
You’re still my favorite shooter.