Sunday, April 01, 2007

Karen House

The 30 day project took a break over the last two days, because I was in Saint Louis to cover a story for the newspaper.

So I ended up in a shelter for homeless women and children in a neighbourhood in north Saint Louis. Me and my colleague spent the night in the shelter. It took people a while to get used to us, so for the most part I have photographed Keila Banks, a nineteen year old who was very kind and allowed me to take pictures of her from the moment we walked in the place. With time, the others loosened up and a few asked me to take their picture.

A big smile reveals Brenda Cotton's favourite tooth. The tooth is quite shaky, since two years ago a neighbourhood drug dealer punched her in the mouth repeatedly, in a failed attempt to steal the small piece of gold.

Robert McGee, 12 years old, plays basketball in the backyard.

Sincere Banks, 3 months old, sleeps in the house in the dark, after a strong storm cut down the electricity in the house.

Sincere sleeps as his mother Keila is on the phone trying to find a place to stay for the night. After the power went out, the volunteers who were in charge of the house advised all the women to find another place to stay for the night. Still, people who could not find a place to go to were welcome to stay.

Keila walks Sincere down the hall.

Keila gives Sincere a kiss. The boy is very quite, as opposed to the other children in the shelter.

Keila listens to her CD player while waiting for an answer from the friends she wanted to sleep over at.

Keila walks in the library, while Robert takes a break from his Playstation.

Robert poses for a portrait in the frame of what used to be a window.

Robert takes a very short break from his Playstation.

Aileen Atkins has dinner in the dark during the power outage.


Alexandru Zaharia said...

1. In ce revista din RO ai vedea publicat features-ul asta?
2. Ce s-a intamplat cu ideea de a pune in fiecare zi o foto?

PS: evident ca imi place feature-ul...

andrei said...

1. nu exista nici o revista in Romania, sau cel putin nu stiu eu, in care sa se publice fotojurnalism, in afara de National Geographic si Geo. imaginile astea n-au valoare nici de National Geographic, nici de Geo. ar putea fi, in cel mai bun caz, un inceput de fotoreportaj. din pacate, nu am timp sa ma intorc la Saint Louis atat de des cat cred ca ar fi necesar ca sa iasa o poveste bine facuta.

2. am explicat in prima propozitie din blog ce s-a intamplat cu proiectul. cu atat mai mult cu cat nu am avut internet doua zile in Saint Louis.

cata said...

imi plac foarte mult culorile.