Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I have a feeling that this is turning into a story about Chris, in which Amber plays a significant role, rather than a story about their relationship.

Sunday afternoon, Chris got kicked out of Tent City for seven days, for not reporting a camper that had parked his truck behind the camp (which is not allowed because of liability issues). He's been on the streets ever since.

Chris looks for a blanket outside a donation shop. The storage areas behind places like Good Will or Salvation Army (where people donate their stuff and the profits go to different benefits) are a good resource for homeless people to find stuff that helps them survive harsh conditions.

Chris rests on a bench in a bus stops and reacts when he recalls how he got kicked out for what he says is protecting other people.

Looking for a dry blanket behind a Value Village store.

He lights a cigarette while holding a blanket that he found outside a trailer behind the Value Village store.

Chris tries to force the door of an abandoned house, where he thought might be a good place to sleep. The door was secured with a couch from the other side, but not long later Chris managed to get into another abandoned house through a window.

Chris takes a short break from what he calls his scan (looking for useful stuff on the streets or for possible places to spend the night) in a gang where he used to hang out.


horia said...

lucrezi tot mai mult si tot mai bine.
povestea cu sud-americanii m-a lasat masca ...tehnic e impecabila.felicitari.

andrei said...

Esti prea generos. Multumesc!

Aaron said...


I can see why you are focusing on Chris. I like the first and fourth pictures. They are very nice and show his loneliness and seclusion in the open streets.

Jeronimo Nisa said...

these are very good shots, Andrei.
How do you get that great light even in this situation?

August Kryger said...

Powerful stuff Andrei.