Sunday, June 22, 2008


Considered the top contender for the European title by most sports journalists, the Netherlands were sent home last night after an amazing performance by the Russian team. The match was in Basel, Switzerland, so I went to the Fanzone in Vienna to photograph the supporters.

* Russians watching the game, celebrating
* Dutch lady in a square in Vienna, after the game


cata said...

nice. the first one and the last three are rad!

Stogie Smoker said...
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Stogie Smoker said...

Hey, you could work on editing down your pictures for a neat portrait series on the EuroCup '08 supporters!

andrei said...

I'll try.

Sheila Johnson said...

Nice recent work!
Catalin passed on the commercial (sorry, the cat's out of the bag!) Fun to see you there and to hear you speaking Romanian!

Jeronimo Nisa said...

awesome dude. I dig especially the 5th from the top (the 2 ladies with the flags).
Will you shoot the semifinal against Spain?
Also, the beer ad is killer, man I need you to tell me and your friends how all that came about. Maybe a blog entry about it? That could be a lot of fun!