Monday, August 11, 2008

Oina Strikes Back. Literally.

Here's some stuff I shot at the final of the Romanian Oina Cup in Constanta.
*Straja Bucuresti warming up before the game
*looking for a ball (they're really low on funding, so they can't afford to lose equipment)
*practicing the bat grab (that's how they decide which team starts)
*warming up (remember Mizzou softball, Ben?)


Amanda said...

I do love the top one. Nice to see you back on the blog.

Aaron said...

The guy on the right in the last picture is asking for it.

delia said...

andrei, nu mai am mailul tau si indraznesc sa-ti scriu aici. scurt dar f important: mai tii in toamna cursul foto la CJI? vreau sa-ti trimit un cursant fff interesant.merci frumos, delia.