Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Got Milk?

Romanian farmers are no longer allowed to sell milk and cheese in public markets, unless they prove their facilities abide by EU (European Union) standards. Which, in many rural areas, is pure science-fiction. I photographed this lady yesterday in a village north of Bucharest, who trades or sells the milk she gets from the only cow her family owns.


Sheila Johnson said...

such a gorgeous light!

hey... i'm living in spain now and there are lots of romanian immigrants. i'm guessing that the "crisis" has created a lot of joblessness for the romanians that came here to work in the construction biz when the boom was still on. a friend of mine told me 2 years ago that there were 50,000 romanians in Zaragoza alone (almost 10% of the population in that city!) , but that was when they were building the water expo.... anyway, i think there must be a lot of stories here about immigration and migration that you should get on (OK, and me too!...)
so, when are you coming....?

Jeronimo Nisa said...

I dig the first and second shots.

Sheila's right. And the building industry is the worst hit by the crisis in Spain.