Monday, June 28, 2010

Hilal at Foundry

Back from the Foundry Workshop in Istanbul. It's been a really interesting experience, there were some great people there. I went in with two story ideas. One of them came through. My image of Turkey through mass-media was that of a very traditional state, where women are extremely conservative in appearance and behaviour. I was interested in and wanted to document the life of a non-traditional Turkish woman and was lucky to find Hilal, a 30 year-old teacher with a very active social life that to me resembles that of any Western woman of her age and condition.

The following slideshow is what my part of the final presentation in Istanbul looked like. In the following days, I'll keep posting images I shot while working on this story, which did not make it in the final edit. A great thanks to Hilal and her friends, who gave me access to their lives, and to Jared Moossy, my instructor, who guided me through the process!

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