Friday, July 09, 2010

Floods II

As the Danube levels has reached its historical high and the news reports indicated a possible catastrophe was on its way, AFP sent me back to Galati, along with AFP writing intern Palko Karasz, to document how the city was preparing to face the floods. As it normally happens around here, the facts looked less dramatic than what we were told on TV. The locals were far from terrified. Soldiers were working around the clock to construct a sandbag dike to protect the city. So far the few households that seem to be in some sort of danger were those in IC Bratianu, a village across the Danube from Galati. Some villagers have come up with a way to turn this whole mess into something positive: they charged tourists and journalists for boat rides.


Kats said...

snif snif* umm 35mm :)

andrei said...

Slightly deviated septum: 28mm :)