Friday, October 22, 2010

Serbia 07. Novi Beograd

New Belgrade is a neighbourhood of Belgrade, built in 1947 on the left bank of the Sava river. About five hundred thousand people live together in this huge complex.

As I'm walking through with my friend Mladen, we talk of Ceausescu, who must have been so envious of Tito for creating the ideal communist development. Even though it seems cold and lonely out there, I get the same feeling I got in East Berlin: their communism was better than ours. While the tall, grey buildings resemble those in Romanian cities, there is more space between, more room to breathe. I'll try to get back to that fascinating area before I leave Belgrade.


Triotex said...

I love the third photo! Great composition.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. They all have a really dreamy touch to them, but the third one definitely stands out. Hope you're doing fine, Andrei, and hope to see you around, soon!

Alexandru Zaharia said...

ultima! :)