Sunday, June 08, 2008


I got no credentials for the opening games, so I hung out in the Fan Zones, places with giant screens that were built up for people who couldn't get any tickets. Switzerland lost to The Czech Republic. Turkey lost to Portugal. Same score: 1-0. CAPTION CORRECTION: Portugal won 2-0 (thanks, PJ!).


Anonymous said...

Foarte tari, cateva sunt excelente. Dar cum de n-ai reusit sa primesti acreditare ?

Anonymous said...

hi Andrei
I return always to your blog to see your nice pictures. When I realized you are in switzerland I became very curious to see the way you shoot the european cup. Congratulations you are doing great photographs. It was very nice to see portuguese people at your images. I am Portuguese.
Luís Oliveira Santos

andrei said...

Thanks for the kind words! I'll photograph Portugal playing against the Czechs this week and hopefully there'll be something worth posting.

Unknown said...

Dacă m-aş decide să am o carieră în fotojurnalism pe tine aş vrea să te întrec. :D
Excelente cadre şi compoziţie foarte bună, la majoritatea (deşi, îmi imaginez, nu ai mereu prea mult timp la dispoziţie să apeşi declanşatorul). ^_^

Tully said...

dude! this stuff kicks ass man. i like it a lot. I love the elevator shot and the window sill.