Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Tonight, I drove about 30 miles to get one picture that I had in mind. I didn't get it. I was hoping for a dark background.

However, I got the information about the background that I needed.

A French movie director once said that good writing is rewriting. Same with photojournalism. I'll try to be back on Sunday with a fencing follow-up.

Ana Brainard (front) and Cindy Glover practice in the Rain City Fencing Center in Bellevue, Washington.


shane said...

you're almost where i was at before coming to mizzou. don't give up.

andrei said...
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andrei said...

I never knew you lived in Seattle :)))).

Before you came to Mizzou... How many years ago was that? 6? 7? Maybe by 2010, when you'll leave Mizzou, I can finally catch up.

Brandon Kruse said...

Yea, Shane is pretty dope. Someday maybe I'll be where he was 20 years ago. Dude, I see where you're going with that photo. Good seeing and nice graphics. You're totally right, the lighting isn't that great and the background could be cleaner. I would say keep at it. If you're going for a big graphic shot then I think it could definitely happen. Maybe bring a low caliber weapon with you and shot out a few of the lights.