Thursday, September 13, 2007

Esquire, the begining of a beautiful friendship

I've recently started what I hope would be a long cooperation with the newly launched Romanian version of the Esquire magazine. It'll mostly consist of little (three weeks' time) picture stories and environmental portraits.

I won't post any portaits before they are published in the magazine. However, I'll post pictures from stories I'll be working on and I will appreciate all the feedback I can get.

For the upcoming number, I'm working on a story about a bunch of Romanian guys that started an American football team here in Bucharest. The reporter who came up with the story, a former Mizzou grad, is my friend Cristian Lupsa - staff writer for Esquire here. These guys play on a rough soccer field and don't even have equipment yet or a team to play against. Still, they have a lot of enthusiasm, which some papers that covered the story briefly kind of neglected.

Here are couple of pictures from the first training session I witnessed.

The guys warm up before their practice. When the team started, it was just about kicking the ball around. The compulsory warm up was the first sign that they were beginning to take things a little more seriously.

The guys take a short break in between drills. The field they play on is really rudimentary.

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