Sunday, September 16, 2007


Believe it or not, there's an outdoor cinema called "Uranus" in Bucharest. The planet, that is. Still, odd name. I checked it out last night and snapped a few pictures of a few friends to keep warm.

Stamatin. Bogdan Stamatin.


Jo Ilie said...

It's called E-Uranus, actually. THAT is odd. :D

cata said...

stamate rulz!!!
i miss u jitah!!!

Jeronimo Nisa said...

you kick ass, gangsta.
how's life back home? will I see you in new year's eve?

Jeronimo Nisa said...

oh, and congratulations on the magazine job!
Do they have anything like that in Spain?

Unknown said...

Did anyone touch Uranus?

andrei said...

They all did :)