Saturday, September 15, 2007

More football

Two of the team leaders just got back from Germany, where they went to buy the first set of official football equipment for the team.

Two of the guys use a car door as a mirror to check out the way they look in their new equipment.

Florin smiles during practice. He says he thinks the new equipment allows him to throw better passes.

Roman, the only team member who played in the US, explains to the others how to wear the equipment.

Florin organizes the attack during a drill.

Not everyone got to wear the new equipment. Some guys couldn't afford to chip in, while others simply refused to pay for what they say is just a hobby.


Unknown said...

Skolko komplectov kupili?

Sebi Sascau said...

Excelenta treaba! Felicitari,Andrei. Cum se numeste revista?

andrei said...

Esquire magazine.