Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I took Ikuru to the Gypsy fair in Costesti, where rich Gypsies get together to show off and party. Here are a few snaps.

A child runs past tow luxurious cars waving a toy gun. Mercedes and BMW are the most popular cars in this community. A man's car represents his status and can affect his image in Costesti.

A man drinks while loud music blasts from the speakers outside his tent.

A young Gypsy poses for a portrait.

Liviu Silvestru wraps his coat tightly around his body once the sun goes down and the cold sets in. Not everyone parties. Liviu has been selling second-hand clothes all day long.


Unknown said...

I need more grain! More contrast! Where are the factories and the orphans?!?

Aaron said...

Don't forget the guy sitting next to a fire in front of a communist-style apartment building in the middle of winter. Adjectives, Andrei, adjectives!